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Soundbytes from Section 326: Quotes from Falcons Fans

So I did something rather silly. I compiled the best quotes by my fellow fans from Section 326 and am going to share them with you. As you've no doubt guessed by now, with brickcheney in the fold, I'm going to be focusing more on emotional type posts. And how much more emotional can you get than fan reactions from the stands? I say not much more emotional!

"Dolphin fans are outnumbering us two to one here. Ain't right."

"Don't worry dude, Falcons fans are just grillin and chillin. Wait till kickoff. They'll pack in."

"Is there any uglier shade of blue than what the Tealcats wear? I mean, god, it looks like what comes out of my dog when he drinks bleach!"

"The Bears suck! Cutler sucks. You whole stinkin' town sucks. I went there last year and all I got was a t-shirt and some crummy shot glass. You guys ain't got better souvenirs than that?"

"How much for the beer?"

"7.50, sir."

(Guy hands the beer guy a twenty) "keep the change"

"You sure?"

"Yeah. Maybe my good will can help Matt Ryan heal faster."

During Philly game: "Aww crap. Here come the boo Birds."

Kid walks up wearing Falcons jersey, flanked by what appear to be his parents, decked out in Saints gear.

Beer Guy: "What's the matter kid, being rebellious?"

Kid: "Naw, we're from Atlanta. My folks just messed up in the head."

My dad: "If the Falcons throw a slant pass here, they'll get the touchdown."

Me: "Dad, the Falcons NEVER throw slant passes."

Matt Ryan throws a slant pass. Touchdown.

Dad smirks.

Guy in adjacent section passes out from apparent heartattack after Falcons just-barely beat Buccaneers.

Me: "Wow, I think that guy's having a heart attack."

Beer Guy: "Must be a new Falcons fan, then. My heart died decades ago."

"Uh...(silence)..." - Falcoholic reader Mentally MIA upon meeting Thomas Dimitroff prior to the Dolphins game.

"I'mma be back. Surgery gone good. Just you wait." - Harry Douglas, running around the field prior to Dolphins game.

"Wait, is that...Biermann? Kicking off?! Can't be."


"Holy !@#$. They need to give that man a raise."

"Dude. Hall's fighting Coach Smith. Raw!"

"Kick his !@#, Smitty! I got your back!"

"Owens just picked off a pass to Owens. Say that five times fast."

"The announcer just did. I don't think he believes it."

"So when we get our back to back winning seasons, are we gonna do anything special?"

"Well, if they get it, I guess we could...I dunno...drink some beer."

"We do that anyway."

"Oh yeah."