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If Dunta Robinson's Signed, What's The New Direction Of The Falcons Draft?

Here's a discussion for all of you, but as usual I will kick it off like Kroy Biermann.

Now that we've signed Dunta Robinson, we've got a deep cornerbacking corps. Whether you think Chris Owens, Brent Grimes or Chris Houston will start outside opposite Robinson, there's no denying that there's pretty decent talent there. That's not even accounting for Chevis Jackson and Brian Williams, either. Even if the Falcons decide to cut one of those guys, it's pretty clear that their cornerback depth chart is set. I'd be extremely surprised to see them drop a draft pick at the position.

So that means that the Falcons, who were previously tied to several cornerbacks in the first round, will probably go in a very different direction. The most obvious is pass rusher, where plenty of defensive ends and a few talented linebackers will be available, but the team could also go offensive line or do something really unexpected and go for a skill positoin player on offense. My theory is that the Falcons are targeting either defensive end Brandon Graham or linebacker Sean Weatherspoon, but at this point that's just a theory.

So let's hear it from all of you. Is the cornerback depth chart really set? Who will the Falcons draft? Will I ever leave you alone and stop asking you questions?