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Report: Falcons Sign Dunta Robinson To Six Year Deal

The virtually infalliable Adam Schefter wrote it, so it must be true: The Falcons have ended an intense day of negotiations with former Houston Texans cornerback Dunta Robinson by signing him to a six year contract.

Virtually everything Thomas Dimitroff has done to this point has engendered faith in his personnel abilities, so I'm working very hard to overcome my initial level of discomfort with this signing. By the time the contract is over, Robinson would be 33 years-old, and he's coming off of back-to-back lackluster seasons, isn't known as a ballhawk and appeared last year to have somewhat of an attitude problem. He's managed only 13 interceptions in his career thus far.

Of course, what Dimitroff must see is the talent, and despite Robinson's recent struggles it's hard to deny that he still has the potential to return to the form that made him a pretty darn good corner from 2004-2007. He has the potential to be our best coverage cornerback for the next three years, at least, and the Falcons are clearly banking on a change of scenery doing his game a favor. The financial terms haven't yet been released, so we don't know how expensive a gamble this really is.

Basically, at the best we just locked up a potentially top-notch cover cornerback for six years. At the worst, we just committed more than half a decade to a guy who is already on the downside of his career. Let's all hope for the best and welcome Dunta Robinson to Atlanta.

After all, for better or worse, he's a Falcon now.