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The 2010 Atlanta Falcons Free Agency Kickoff

The first uncapped free agency period begins in less than ten minutes, and as you might expect, the rumors are flying like falcons with jetpacks.

This will be your all-purpose discussion thread for free agency, and I'll obviously update this or create separate posts if the Falcons do spear a helpless free agent overnight and through the day Friday. Those will all be on the front end of this post. So if the rumors of Dunta Robinson come true, you'll find it here (hopefully) first.

In the meantime, discuss amongst yourselves.

4:12 p.m. UPDATE:'s Steve Wyche, whose report kicked off all the Dunta Robinson rumors, now says it may be until the end of the weekend before the cornerback is signed. Also, he's supposedly signing a multi-year deal. Given that numbers and circumstance don't support this signing, I have to believe Dimitroff & Co. see something I don't here. Gotta trust the Comrade.

2:33 p.m. UPDATE: Sports Illustrated's Don Banks

says that the Falcons are "locked in" on Dunta Robinson, who wants to return home to Atlanta. We can only hope that since we're the only team he's been linked with, the Athens native is going to take a little bit less to come home. Banks speculates that if they sign Dunta, the Falcons will draft either OLB Sean Weatherspoon or DE Brandon Graham, making me extremely delighted.

11:42 a.m. UPDATE: AJC reports that Chris Redman has been inked to a two year deal (no surprise there) and says talks with Dunta Robinson are on hold for now. Also, a list of unrestricted free agents. We have to sign Joe Zelenka, with Mike Schneck retiring.