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Falcons Re-Sign Cornerback Brian Williams To One Year Deal

There's just no sugarcoating it this time. I just don't like this move.

By re-upping with the 31-year-old Brian Williams, the Falcons have brought back by far the most veteran presence in their otherwise young cornerbacking corps. I'm all for veteran leadership and going with guys who the coaching staff is familiar and comfortable with. The problem is when those are the only two reasons why you would logically re-sign Williams.

I know this isn't necessarily a popular opinion, but outside of one game, I didn't think Williams was all that effective. Then he went and got hurt. At best, he's a solid veteran backup to have around who only blocks one or two of our younger options. At worst, he's starting, where he's clearly not the Brian Williams of 3-5 years ago, and blocking at least one corner who should be starting over him, not to mention bumping everybody else down the chain. Could Williams rebound and have a fantastic year? Sure. Is it particularly likely coming off a major injury at age 31? No.

So while I'm sure I'll be as wrong as ever and the team knows exactly what they're doing, this is by far my least favorite free agent re-signing/signing/eyeballing of the off-season thus far. Here's hoping Williams proves me wrong.

Your thoughts, community?