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Potential Falcons Target: Chicago Bears DE Alex Brown

Hat tip to reader Funballad, who suggested this post to me via e-mail. Keep in mind that I will always look over your tips and if they're telling me about a great deal on Viagra, I'll usually try to act on them.

Basically, the Chicago Bears are either shopping or releasing Alex Brown in the near future. This is according to the mighty sources of, who tiptoe nervously through the halls of Bristol, Connecticut with golden nuggets of information. Obviously if we're talking trade, the Falcons would not be interested in flipping the kind of picks it would take to get a talented pass-rushing defensive end who also happens to to be 30 years old. If he's released, though? Jackpot.

Here's my logic. In 2009, Brown had six sacks. In 2008, he had six sacks. In 2007, he had five-and-a-half sacks. The years before that? Seven, six, six. He's a remarkably consistent pass rusher who's plenty capable against the run, and he's being bounced from the Bears for no other reason than that he's 30 years old and the team has a ton of young linemen they want to take a look at.

With the Falcons at least resembling contenders in 2010, it makes sense to field the strongest team possible. Adding Brown in Atlanta would give the Falcons another quality pass-rusher who could take pressure off of a developing Lawrence Sidbury. It would allow them to rotate out John Abraham, who has not stumbled across the fountain of youth despite his recent sojourn to the jungles of the Amazon. In short, assuming money is not an object—and for this year, at least, it's really not—the Falcons could give him a huge one-year deal and bring a consistent pass rusher to the table. That would allow Thomas Dimitroff to work some creative magic in the draft at other positions.

What do you all think? Would Alex Brown be a nice addition?