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Saturday Six Pack: 3/27/10

New feature alert: every Saturday, bright and early like your Dad used to do on camping trips, we'll drag out of our stupors for an alarmingly stiff pre-pre-pregame of links from the previous week, thus cleansing our FALCOPALATES for Sunday's main course*.

* A televised game of professional tackle football.

Who knows what might happen from week to week? We might find ourselves bleerily staring down the barrel of Falcons links or NFC South links or general Atlanta sports minutiae or God knows what else goes on at this time of day on a weekend.

Oh it's early, people, and it's time to tool up:


  1. AJC: Q & A Punch & counterpunch with Smitty on the new OT rule, Dunta Robinson, the NFC South warzone, Michael Turner, and so forth.
  2. ESPN: Pat Yasinkas corrals CEO and Comrade for some delicious quotes on the future of our franchise.
  3. Examiner: He learned his advanced Facebook strategies during his time as a Montanan high-school rassler -- Duffburger continues his globe-spanning media frenzy.
  4. Pride of Detroit: Detroit Lions fans are pleased as can be with the shenanigous methods by which their team plucked Meh from those simple, simple Georgians.
  5. DRAFT BUSINESS: Falcons mocksies from Stampede Blue and Big Blue View, plus a list of five potential draftees we haven't heard about one hundred billion times by now seriously we get it guys.
  6. The Onion: Peregrine Falcon Acting Pretty Cocky Since Being Taken Off Endangered Species List [NSFW: Cussy]