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Nominate Picks For The SB Nation NFL Mock Draft!

UPDATE: My pick is due Sunday, so I've put up a poll. Please vote. If the guy you vote for is available, I'll pick him...if not, I'll substitute to the best of my ability.

Okay, the SB Nation Mock Draft is in full swing over at Mocking The Draft, which means you guys need to nominate some picks for me as soon as possible.

That's right, I'm putting this one to a vote. You suggest and debate candidates, I'll draw up a final list, and you'll vote on them early next week. I'll go with the pick with the most votes—assuming he's still on the board—and we'll all rejoice. I don't care if it's Sean Weatherspoon, Brandon Graham, Kyle Wilson or Bruce Campbell, you just have to make the nomination and defend your choice.

So on this (hopefully) sunny Friday, let's hop to it!