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A Falcon Draft Question: Guard Or Center?

While Tweeting back and forth with Dawson Devitt of the AJC's The Bird Cage blog, the topic of adding depth or new starters on the offensive line came up. Both of us agreed that guard and center should be bigger priorities than tackle, but the question then becomes which one you prioritize. Tricky.

On one hand, you're arguably getting more bang for your buck if you go guard. Right now, our backup options behind Justin Blalock and Harvey Dahl are downright weak, and a single talented guard who can swing back and forth can make a huge difference if one of our starters gets hurt. On the other hand, Todd McClure is really not getting any younger, and while Brett Romberg is a decent backup, he's not getting any younger either.

So the question I put before you for a grand debate is whether the Falcons would be likely to go center or guard first, or if they would only go for one or the other. If you answer this correctly, you'll win whatever's in my pocket (Hint: They're empty). Go to it!