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Report: Sean Weatherspoon To Work Out For Falcons

Yes, that Sean Weatherspoon. The guy all of you have a girlish crush on. You may commence swooning.

The tireless National Football Post confirmed suspicions planted suspiciously about a week ago, when Weatherspoon said on his Twitter account that he had a private workout scheduled with an NFC South team. By the simple process of elimination (the Saints pick too late, and the Panthers and Bucs are extremely unlikely to take a linebacker), I figured that team had to be the Falcons. Right for once!

Obviously, this is great news because it means the team is taking a hard look at Weatherspoon, a very talented player who has expressed an interest in playing for the Falcons. Adding him to the mix next to Curtis Lofton would be kind of unfair, like lining up an armor-plated rhino next to a dragon, and it would make our linebacking corps absurdly strong in 2010. There's plenty of good arguments to be made for drafting an offensive lineman or a defensive end instead—I still really like Brandon Graham—but there's also a compelling argument to be made for 'Spoon.

You could start, for instance, with his his 4.52 40 yard-dash, quite fast for a linebacker. You could continue on to his 35 bench presses, which is just out of this world. If you're less into the NFL Combine stats, you might point to his 100+ tackles the last two season (155 in 2008), his 4.5 sacks a year ago or his 14.5 tackles for losses. Production and physical tools? Yes please.

In somewhat related news, the Falcons will also hold a private workout with center Ted Larsen, according to my friends at FalcFans, so this draft might be starting to take shape. What do you think?