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A Falcoholic Interview With Kroy Biermann

Everyone loves Kroy Biermann.

Now entering his third year with the Falcons, Biermann was an epiphany in 2009, drawing plenty of starter's snaps at defensive end and piling up 49 tackles, 5 sacks and a forced fumble. It was good enough to put him in the running for the starting job opposite John Abraham in 2010, and he helped himself with an already legendary stint kicking for the Falcons when both Matt Bryant and Michael Koenen were hurting. He's a team-first guy, and he's a hell of a lot of fun to watch.

And so hey, why not interview him? On the heels of tlozwarlock's excellent interview with Falcon great Jamal Anderson (here and here), I had the opportunity to ask Biermann a few questions via the magic of e-mail. What follows is a mix of questions submitted by you, The Falcoholic's readers, and my own, and it's a good look at the man at least one Falcon player calls "Hamburger." Intrigued? Read on.

Before you head over the jump, though, I'd like to point you in the direction of his Twitter (here) and Facebook (here). Now you can go.

How big of a difference is there playing football at the NFL level than at Montana?


Kroy Biermann:

There is a big difference. The speed of the guys is something that I will continue to adjust to. Everyone is great in the NFL.


You’ve worked your way up to a starter’s role in a hurry. Can you give us a look at the kind of work you put in to get there?



It has been hard. I have modeled my game after some of the veterans on the team and hope to continue learning from them and Coach (Ray) Hamilton. The film and training that I do helps get me prepared on a weekly basis.


Who are the toughest offensive linemen you’ve had to play against? What weaknesses do you look to exploit when you’re lined up on the edge?


KB: This question is always tough. Everyone in this league is good and I can’t pick just one. We watch film all week and look for tendencies to see what we can exploit. Whether it is a speed rush off the end or a spin move, I just try to get a feel for what is working that day.


We know you can rush the passer. We know you can kick the ball. What’s something that we as fans don’t know about you, as a player or otherwise?



I am a simple guy-a country boy from Montana. I love to fish, hunt and generally be outside.


Several readers wanted to know if you plan a triumphant return to the kicking game this season. At least one wants to know what your longest kick/punt is. One even asked if you might play offense next season. Feel free to answer as many/few of those as you like.



Haha…I am not sure how my kicking game will progress. I will step in whenever they need me, but I hope to get better at DE. If they want me to play offense too I would never object.


What was the locker room atmosphere like after ending the season on a 3 game winning streak to put together the Falcons first ever back-to-back winning season?



We were disappointed that we did not make the playoffs, but we see some great things for the future and want to build on the success we experienced towards the end of the year.


To follow up on that, do you expect that momentum to carry over?


KB: Definitely. The team is focused on continued success on the field. We are all working hard this offseason and are excited about the 2010 season.


What’s it like playing for the current coaching staff?



It is great. Coach Smith is a great leader and I couldn’t ask for a better Head Coach. Coach Hamilton is a great teacher and has opened my eyes to a lot of new ways to be successful in this league.


Do you have a nickname you prefer? We’re kind of split between "Beer Man" and "Duff Man" (from The Simpsons), but since you’re already answering questions....



Well Curtis Lofton calls me Hamburger…not sure why, but he does.


Speaking of which, does it annoy you when people get your name wrong? I’ve heard you called "Troy," "Tory," and "Kory." Don’t ask me where the T comes from.



No, stuff like that does not bother me, because at least it means they’re talking about me.

Greatest strength and weakness as a player?



My greatest strength is my kicking game.


Give us one goal you have for yourself in the season ahead.



I just want to continue getting better. There are a lot of things I know I can do better.


What are your expectations for the 2010 season, both for yourself and for the team? Can you guarantee a number of sacks, or would that be bad karma?



I expect to have a very good season and I am hoping that helps contribute to the Falcons returning where we belong, on the top of the NFC South, NFC, and hopefully Super Bowl Champs. I definitely cannot guarantee any number of sacks, only that every time I’m out there and it’s a pass play, that you can bet I’ll be doing my best to get him down.


A huge thanks to Kroy Biermann for taking the time to answer our questions. You're always welcome at The Falcoholic!