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Potential Falcon Free Agent Target: QB Brett Ratliff

It isn't every day that a talented young backup quarterback becomes available, but it looks like that'll be happening very soon.

The Cleveland Browns are cleaning house with the arrival of Mike Holmgren, and while the team has brought aboard Seneca Wallace and Jake Delhomme, it's pretty likely they're going to get rid of all their backup quarterback. Derek Anderson is already on the market, but he's been a subpar quarterback for two years. Brady Quinn is also on the market, but I don't really want to give anything up for a guy whose arm has been unfavorably compared to cooked spaghetti, either.

So that leaves Brett Ratliff, who is almost certainly on his way out of Cleveland now. I know that a backup quarterback is neither a major need right now or a sexy one, but Ratliff is only going on 25, has terrific athleticism for a QB, a strong arm and a quick release. He hasn't played a regular season down in the NFL, but he's got the potential to be a very solid option and comes with better physical tools than incumbent #3 guy John Parker Wilson.

I'm a firm believer that the Falcons should always be looking for upgrades, even to seemingly non-essential positions like your third quarterback. In a couple of years, Chris Redman won't be around, and if we have a guy groomed who can carry Matt Ryan's clipboard effectively and play well in a pinch, I'd be pretty happy. Maybe JPW can become that guy, but I hope the Falcons will at least kick the tires on Ratliff if/when he becomes available.

As I said, you can always get better. What do you think, gentle readers?