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A Free Agency Discussion: Will The Falcons Sign Anyone Else?

It's a rainy Thursday afternoon and I'm off from work, so let's generate some discussion like some sort of generator. Yeah. That's how we do it at The Falcoholic.

Basically, we've talked about how the Falcons are unlikely to be active players in free agency now that they've signed Dunta Robinson. That would fit with the "one big splash" style of free agency we've come to expect from the Falcons under Thomas Dimitroff and Mike Smith. Yet here's former New Orleans Saints defensive end Charles Grant, quirking his eyebrows shamelessly in the general direction of Flowery Branch, and there's the fact that free agents suddenly want to play for the Falcons. It's kind of unreal.

So let's take a gander. Do the Falcons sign anyone else besides your lowest-tier free agents for depth, or do they hum along and gear up for the draft? It's a million dollar question, so give me your two cents.