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Dave's Rad New Logo Idea

Dave and I (well, mostly I) have been mulling a logo change for the near-future. I was discussing it with Dave the other night and I asked him if he had any suggestions.

The perfect Falcoholic logo would have a falcon. In one talon: Hitler; in the other: Stalin. It would be swooping, with machineguns coming out of its eyes, shooting a buccaneer. Oh, and there'd be a mushroom cloud in the background.

To which I responded

I could do that...

Ladies and gentlemen, Dave the Falconer's perfect Falcoholic logo!


I've "revamped" our current logo a bit on a whim. I always hated how the Falcon's right wing (your left) is cut off by the logo's dimensions. Well, consider that fixed.


UPDATE: So yeah, logo update thing likely not happening. But still, we all love a photoshop here and there, right?