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Hat Contest winner #2 - cm011

Atlanta native Clint M. wins a hard hat with this entry:

"Unlike many others in the Atlanta-area, I am a fan of all Atlanta sports teams. No matter how terrible they are doing (Joey Harrington starting), I always have cheered them on. Braves/Falcons/Hawks/Thrashers. As a kid growing up, I became a fan of the Falcons in 1997 when I moved to the suburbs of Atlanta from south Georgia. At recess all of my classmates would play football. I didn't really know how to since I grew up on baseball. Once they taught me I fell in love with it.

The following season happened to be the greatest season ever for the Atlanta Falcons. I did my best to watch every game possible that season except for when it conflicted with my duties as being a kid. You know, taking naps, running around outside. Breaking stuff. The most memorable game to me was the upset of the Vikings in overtime. Thank you Morten Andersen. Before the Super Bowl I remember being at a Winn-Dixie and I BEGGED my parents to buy me the NFC Championship shirt. It was a large, and me being in first grade at the time made it awkward looking but I didn't care. I think I wore it twice that week alone.

Ever since that season the Falcons have given me dreams and nightmares. I thought with Vick we would be saved. He came close. But then nightmares would kick in with him getting indicted. At thanksgiving I was cutting the turkey and was really tempted to go for my wrists. Friends of mine that had been Falcons fans suddenly became fans of the Patriots or Colts. I've even seen some Bucs jerseys. Never have I thought about abandoning the Falcons.

One of my current roommates in college was at the Eagles/Falcons game and he was telling how how they were cheering Vick on in the dome. I was furious that he was cheering for someone on ANOTHER team. It also made me sad that there are still many bandwagon fans around here.

Now matter how bad the Falcons may ever be, I will always be a fan, and when they go to the Super Bowl in February of 2011, I will be standing there yelling at the top of my lungs for them."