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New Orleans Saints Win The Super Bowl: Bring On 2010 Season

So there were the New Orleans Saints last night, celebrating a Super Bowl win. I came into the night fully intent on rooting for the Saints, knowing they had a dedicated fanbase that has long suffered in much the same miserable fashion as the Falcons. I don't care for the Colts and I had a styrofoam cooler of beer, trays of nachos and wings and a couple of slices of pizza to fortify me.

And then, somewhere along the way, I lost it.

This Super Bowl was a lot less enjoyable than most because I ended up simply not wanting either team to win it. I kept rooting for the Colts to come back and at least make a game of it, probably because the full magnitude of what was happening finally sunk in. The Bucs and Saints now have Super Bowl wins and the Falcons don't. That's more than a little sobering. While I wish the team no ill will—they earned every victory this year—it's kind of a relief to go from rooting for them in any way, shape or form and returning to gentle loathing. It's like taking a relaxing bath...of hatred.

But at the end of the day, you just have to say to hell with it. There's a clean slate come this September, and the Falcons are going to be better. They're going to be in the running for a division title. The Saints will have a big target on their back and as strong a squad as they truly are, we're going to come out swinging. In 2010, I think we'll take at least one game. Maybe two. Who knows? The only thing the Atlanta Falcons control is their own destiny, and I'm brimming with optimism right now.

So be polite to Saints fans, congratulate them but don't let this title get to you. 2010 could very well be the year of the Falcon, and if it is, you'll hope for the same.

Oh, and where'd you all go for the Super Bowl last night? Enjoy any of the commercials (probably not, seeing as they were all pretty terrible)? Drink a lot of beer? Share.