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Super Bowl XLIV Open Thread: Colts Versus Saints

This is it, my friends. The culmination of the football season.

Obviously, I'd prefer the Falcons were one of the two teams still alive. The New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts are not teams I particularly love, but it is the Super Bowl, and that is a time to be alive, a time to drink and eat to the point of spontaneous combustion, and a time to watch some football. This is your last chance for months, so I'd urge you to enjoy it.

So gather here to talk Super Bowl plans, swap some recipes and keep one another company during the game. Discuss who you're rooting for. Just don't kill each other, and enjoy the game.

Oh, and if you're so inclined, visit Canal Street Chronicles and Stampede Blue to talk Saints and Colts, respectively. Just don't be a troll. SB Nation has its boots on the ground, as well.