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Falcons Will Draft 19th Overall After Winning Coin Toss At Combine

Fantastic news, everyone!

The Falcons won the coin toss at the combine—make sure to thank resident Falcoholic deity Vishnu for that one—and will pick one spot ahead of the dastardly Houston Texans, a team who also had needs along its defensive line and in its secondary. One spot likely won't make an enormous difference, but it certainly can't hurt the team's chances of getting the player they really want, whoever that may be.

Because I'm sure you're eager to figure out who we're going to pick at this point, be sure to check in with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Official Site to get caught up. Once the action gets into 40 times, agility drills and the like, I'll be beginning to narrow our draft list somewhat based on who really separates themselves from the pack and answers interview questions with something other than a "duh?" Great fun for everyone.

In the meantime, discuss who you think we'll get at 19 and whether this makes a big difference in your mind.

On an unrelated note, this may be my final post for the next day or two. Thanks to a wintry hurricane...type...ish...storm here yesterday, hundreds of thousands of people are without power, and I'm one of them. On the plus side, if any of you have ever wanted to take a canoe ride through a flooded basement, I can definitely hook you up.