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2009 NFL Draft Retrospective: Offensive Tackle Garrett Reynolds

This is the sixth entry in a series of articles examining players from the 2009 NFL Draft. The Falcoholic has started to cobble together a retrospective on the season. This should not be taken as a sign that we are finally getting our collective act together. Next on our list, fifth-round offensive tackle Garrett Reynolds.

Garrett Reynolds is a big dude.

He's got 10 pounds and two inches on Sam Baker, everyone's favorite T.Rex slash left tackle, and he looks like a big ol' wall made of human being out there. Perhaps that's why I felt so confident in him during the four games he got playing time in, despite the fact that he was pretty average out there. Unfortunately, it's very tough to judge an offensive tackle based on limited playing time, considering the fact that there's no widely used statistics to determine effectiveness for offensive tackles besides BRBs (Being Really Big).

Still, I like what Reynolds brings to the table. His size and strength make him a classic run-blocking right tackle prospect, and he'll just be turning 23 as training camp starts up. My biggest concern was that he'd be essentially immobile and one-dimensional on the right side of the line, leaving him unable to deal with speed rushers off the edge. From what I saw of him in 2009, he looks like he's adjusting well.

The biggest question for a guy like Reynolds, drafted in the fifth round, is whether he can turn himself into a starter over the long haul. I don't think many fans view Tyson Clabo as a long-term solution on that side of the line, though he's been remarkably solid since taking over the starting job there. If he proves consistent and talented enough, Reynolds could eventually take over and provide more of a run-blocking presence than Clabo currently does.

Like so many other members of the 2009 draft, Reynolds offers a lot of potential, mixed with a spoonful of the unknown. He didn't get the PT for me to predict great things from him, and with an uncapped year approaching, Clabo will return and limit his value again in 2010. I'd expect him to get some work as a reserve and work on gunning for a starting spot in 2011. I'll say no starts, barring injury, and one or two glorious moments where it looks like a gigas is wearing a Falcons uniform. Can't argue with that, right?

Initial Draft Grade: A-

Final Draft Grade: INC