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Falcons Re-Sign Veteran Wide Receiver Brian Finneran

Hat tip to the untouchable D. Orlando Ledbetter, who brings us this news via Twitter.

I'm going to preface my remarks here by saying that I love Brian Finneran, because I'd like you to think I'm a good person and not a cold-hearted blogger who revels in the misery of others. He's been a big part of this Falcons team for years, and his time with the team alone has given fans the warm and fuzzies about him. When healthy, he's still a solid blocker in the passing game and he can still catch a few passes.

If we're being totally honest, though, is this the kind of move the team should be making?

First off, Finn can't seem to stay on the field. We have four young, fairly capable receivers in Roddy White, Michael Jenkins, Harry Douglas and Eric Weems. Most teams do not carry more than five or six receivers on their roster, and Finn—who is on the wrong side of 30—will be potentially taking up a spot the Falcons could be using to draft a young wide receiver with the kind of skill set that made Finn so valuable when he was younger. I know we're talking about low on the depth chart and I know we're talking about a beloved player, but this is a team that should continue to get younger and deeper. I'm not quite sure that Finn's re-signing accomplishes that.

Of course, now that I write that, Finn will catch 50 passes and cite his motivation for doing so as "that stupid blogger who doesn't know anything about anything." Sadly, he will be right.