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Falcons Trim S Erick Brock, DE Maurice Lucas From Roster

Is it cutting season already? Seems like just last Sunday we had a Super Bowl.

The Falcons kicked safety Eric Brock and defensive end Maurice Lucas to the curb Wednesday, dropping two guys who were primarily around for depth in the first place. It's an odd time of the year to be making this kind of move, but whatever. Lucas had just been signed a short time ago and was an undrafted free agent at a fairly deep position, so it's no skin off our collective teeth. Brock had spent small portions of the last two season in Atlanta and had picked up a total of three tackles; we won't particularly miss him either.

On a larger scale, I hope this says something about the Falcons' approach to building depth in the off-season. Good teams sometimes carry guys like Brock and Lucas around, but teams like the Patriots have always tried to employ players who could start in a pinch even two levels down on the depth chart. So while you hate to see anybody get cut, you'd hope the team would work on replacing them with guys who will hopefully bring more to the table.