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Week 13 Atlanta Falcons Injury Report: An Abundance Of Caution

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The Falcons assured us that Tony Gonzalez was fine, so I'm willing to take the fact that he didn't practice today with a grain of salt. Mostly.

This a team that has proven that it operates out of an abundance of caution with its injuries, refusing to let players on the field for a full week of practice if there's any question of re-aggravating something serious. Gonzo is joined on the DNP list Wednesday by Roddy White, John Abraham, Jason Snelling, Curtis Lofton and Coy Wire, a list that's enough to set the ol' hands a-wringin'. But with the exception of Snelling and perhaps Wire, there's no indication that any of these guys are going to miss the Panthers game.

It's sensible. The Falcons don't owe the public and the rest of the league any urgency when it comes to bringing injured players back, and it definitely cuts into preparation time for other teams if the Wednesday and Thursday practices have that many guys sitting. It certainly raises my blood pressure a little, but in the end, these guys will probably be healthier as a result. I think we can all get on board with that.

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