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Falcons Sprint Game Ball Of The Week: Brent Grimes

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Move aside, hurricanes. Give way, volcanoes. Don't let the door hit you on the way out, sunspots. Brent Grimes is now the most fearsome force of nature you can imagine.

Grimey has struggled at times in 2010, but he's been the Falcons' best cornerback, too. On Sunday, Grimes took his game to a whole new level, locking down his side of the field to the tune of two completions and less than a dozen yards. He also nearly picked Josh Freeman once and came back for more, leaping in front of a pass and somehow keeping control of it as he tumbled to the ground. If you can pretend not to be impressed by that, you're probably Josh Freeman.

So let's hand the game ball to Grimes, since we gave Eric Weems the MVP. If we don't hand it to him, he's just going to pick it off anyways.