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Tweets of the Game: ATL at TB

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HUZZAH, we're ten and two. Tweets definitely reflect the rollercoaster ride this one was. And it was mostly a downer until 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter. In this week's episode, your own Dave Choate (@TheFalcoholic) envokes the power of the unicorn to describe this season, Lee Rochester (@DirtyBird4life) finally offers words of praise, and Falcons New Media director Dan Levak compares and contrasts Matty Ice's scrambling to that of a short order cook. Enjoy.

This is the #falcons chance to MAKE A STATEMENT!. F the Saints.....F the Bucs! Time to play pissed! DirtyBird4life

GREAT SPOT, REF!!! Poppa_Falcon

Hahaha! #Bucs you keep bringing that blitz! Turner will burn you every time! MagicFalcon

Get into that cats head, @roddywhiteTV! Poppa_Falcon

wow. raheem calling 2 timeouts in 1st series. now lets use that to to get it on 3rd and 10. #atltb10 KAChilds

What happened to the no contact after 5 yards rule DREdwards25

That was the worst throw Ryan has had in a month. Come on D!! MidwestATLFALC

That field got more trashed last night than Mike Williams. mFalcons5

nice holes for the burner. KAChilds

CENTURY MARK: With that 7-yard run with 9:19 in the 1st Qtr, Michael Turner has gone over 1,000 yards on the season. Atlanta_Falcons

After watching Michael Turner run all over the Bucs, I feel good about calling myself the greatest seer this world has ever known. TheFalcoholic

Burner melting the cremesicle D slowly but surely. Kevin_251

14-3 Falcons at halftime, 17-14 Bucs going into the fourth, Falcons win with three minutes to go. Yall know how this goes by now. Jason__Kirk

EXCELLENT special teams tackle. Poppa_Falcons

We need to learn how to tackle DREdwards25

No adjustment whatsoever! Let's go BVG! MagicFalcon

D-line needs to wake up! Secondary had more than half that drives tackles! Getting pushed on getting shoved around! MagicFalcon

UH oh!!!! Defense got PUSHED around rather easy. Blount up the gut. Poppa_Falcon

Harvey Dahl is so proficient at the false start that he was out of the womb at six months. TheFalcoholic

Carnell Williams demonstrating the field conditions here by turning around for a pass and promptly falling on his face. FalconsJAdams

OMG. This is looking horrible on offense. Near pick. No blocks for Turner. WTF?? KAChilds

The entire city of ATL is chanting 'NO HUDDLE'. KAChilds

#Falcons need some tackling practice. Even if they win, Smitty better not say 'see ya wednesday'. Geez. KAChilds

Blitz!!!!! MagicFalcon

Time for the Falcons to shush the Bucs with a score. Or two. Or three. Or four. Or five. Or six. Or seven. Or eight. Or nine... TheFalcoholic

SOLUTION: Make Matt Ryan play with a visor that looks like the roof of the Georgia Dome. Jason__Kirk

How can they call that. They didn't call it on the bucs earlier. DREdwards25

Ovie got a TD!! What an awesome play!! All that hard work all season and he gets him some TD LOVE! KAChilds

I CRINGE when Spurlock gets the ball!! LOL!!! C'mon #Falcons defense! Create a turnover!! Poppa_Falcon


Tired of the Bucs jawing - i say we send Dahl to their sidelines for an attitude adjustment DShurrow

So much for that turnover record. mFalcons5

Well, no magic turnover record. You know what I'll take instead? A win. TheFalcoholic

Halftime. A tie game is pretty good considering the way this game has gone. TheFalcoholic

Just saw the Rise Up commercial at end of halftime. That is timely. #Falcons, Falcons RISE UP! KAChilds

OK, Dunta, you have a small reprieve from me for that play. KAChilds

Let's have one of those lonnnnggg drives here with a TD at the end of it. Scar988

Hate to say it but if we have a 3 n out here that will be disastrous! Feed the Rock to Turner! MagicFalcon

Wow! We haven't got this many flags in a game in a while! MagicFalcon


Up to this point, the Falcons are making too many mistakes to beat a good team on the road. Let's RISE UP and right this ship! FalconsDLevak

Hey, Josh Freeman. Nice completion - to @BGrimes20!!!! ReidAdair

DAMN....... Poppa_Falcon

At this point, #Falcons fans, I JUST WANNA GET OUT OF TAMPA UNHURT. Very BRUTAL officiating. Poppa_Falcon

Yeah, the refs are awful, but the Falcons have to handle their business. They're not playing well enough to win. Period. TheFalcoholic

Can you say #breadandbutter play -- Ryan to Ovie. AJCFalcons

Sometimes Turners patience for holes to open up works against him! Especially on those delays! You delay and you hit!!! SMH! MagicFalcon

Someone explain to me why in the world they have turner running east and west DREdwards25

Matt scrambling more than a Waffle House cook, but Tampa's coverage was solid. FalconsDLevak

Hope someone gave Matty Ice an injection of calm, cool, and collected 'cause we sure do need him right now. KAChilds


Its one of those games ATLJBO22

#Falcons may lose 2day but one thing I've learned this season is don't count them out til the clock is 0:00. KAChilds

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMS!!! You were due, buddy. FalconsJHicks

Weems' 102-yd return is a club record, surpassing Darrick Vaughn, Deion Sanders & Dennis Pearson, who each had 100-yd returns. Atlanta_Falcons

On this episode of Special Weems, our special teams ace takes it to the house. Special appearance by MC Hammer, because the Bucs can't touch... TheFalcoholic

Looks like the Falcons are trying to #Rise Up! Defense gets a key stop. AJCFalcons

The USS Babineaux is on its way to the moon. TheFalcoholic

Roddyyyyyyyyy!! MagicFalcon

Both teams are out of challenges, which is the football equivalent of the ref getting steel-chair'd. Jason__Kirk

Matt to Roddy just said SUCK THAT TAMPA BAY!!! Keleland

Horse collared and then a helmet to helmet hit. Them #Bucs is dirty as hell. mFalcons5

Penalties everywhere!!! Some smashmouth football in Raymond James. FemFalconFan

Falcons OWN the 4th quarter. We'll let you have your fun in the 3rd, but it's lights out in the 4th. FalconsJHicks

D-Fence? Falcons are doing their best impression of the hollow spots between pickets. TheFalcoholic

C'mon DEFENSE!!! We need a turnover!!!! We need this ball back!!! Tampa canNOT score!!!! FemFalconsFan

We can not catch a break.. doesn't Freeman throw int's? DREdwards25

GRIMESSSSSSS!!!!! MagicFalcon

If this goes the other way, I'm going to....well, I don't know. FalconsDLevak

Win on the road, against a winning team, check. 10-2. Not bad Dirty Birds, not bad. Looking familiar... jamthedirtybird

Even with their glaring faults....these #falcons NEVER gives up and I mean NEVER. MAD PROPS!!! DirtyBird4life

SPEECHLESS!!!! Game ball goes to @BGrimes20 and @ericweems!!!! Poppa_Falcon

10-2. The Falcons didn't even win 10 games in 2009. This is a season so magical I fully expect the team to ride a unicorn to the Super Bowl. TheFalcoholic

what do #falcons do? I ask again, WHAT DO #FALCCONS DO????!?!?? Poppa_Falcon