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Falcons-Buccaneers Postgame: Atlanta Moves To 10-2 With Thrilling Win

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Why the doubt?

For once, I'll say it made sense, at least early in the game. The Falcons were struggling to move the ball, struggling to stop the Buccaneers and struggling to put together a gameplan that would let them do both those things. But the 2010 Atlanta Falcons seem to win on all but their worst days, and here we sit again. Ten-and-two, one game ahead of the Saints and seemingly unstoppable.

Nothing's certain, but I don't know that the Falcons are going to lose another game this season. Will the games be closer than any of us would like? You bet. But it hardly matters if you add one to the win column, does it? I didn't think so.

Especially encouraging today was the performance of our own "Special" Eric Weems, who took one to the house and single-handedly shifted the momentum of the game. And then there's Brent Grimes, who is turning the interception into an art form.

Enjoy this one, friends. We'll regroup tomorrow for recap action.