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Saturday Six Pack: Long Road Trip Edition 12/4/10

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The Beer of Champions.
The Beer of Champions.

Hey guys, this week we travel to Tampa Bay to face our division rival, the Buccaneers. This will likely be another of those games that is too close to call with another Matt Bryant game winning field goal that will have me crying in a corner from the heart destruction. I fully expect us to royally abuse their safety problems this week and sneak away with a win.

With that said, let's get this Saturday Six Pack rockin'!

DOL: Thankfully, D. Orlando Ledbetter always has good things to read when it comes to the Falcons. Here is an article about the month of December being important to teams, and this article says that Coach Smith is pleased with Dunta Robinson's play at CB so far. Hey, if Smitty is giving Dunta the vote of confidence, I'm pleased.

Pat Yasinkas: Pat has been revived from Saturday Six Pack Purgatory (now a place) and has given us this article to read about why the Bucs are unable to sell out games despite the Bucs impressive record. I tell ya what, they must be really boring down there!

Fox Sports Florida: Scott Reynolds from previews the Bucs-Falcons game here. He writes that even though football is a team sport, two specific Bucs need to step up if the Bucs want to have a chance to win. Interesting read, I'd say.

Access Atlanta: A heartwarming story from Ernie Suggs over at the AJC about Warrick Dunn's 100th donated house to a single parent. I tell ya what, I am proud to say that Warrick Dunn was a Falcon. He's a fantastic person.

CBS Sports: This is actually a fanpost type thing over at However, a brief anecdote. As most of you know, I'm fresh off of mouth surgery and don't have complete mobility in my mouth yet. In short, I can't laugh or smile without fear of tearing my stitched wound asunder. I was looking at another article when I noticed "Is It Time to Take the Falcons Seriously?" which very nearly caused the aforementioned laughter to occur because who honestly should be asking that at this point? I then realized it was a fanpost and all was forgiven. It's actually a good little read, but wait until you read some of the comments below about Joey Harrington. They were great.

Random Funny: As if the Joey Harrington love/hate wasn't good enough, it would seem that the universe intentionally screwed a man over for his entire life. I guess what they say is true. When it rains, it pours.