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Friday Atlanta Falcons Injury Report: Running Backs Down

The injury outlook has gotten a lot rosier since Wednesday, but there's still some thorns.

Rather than do the full breakdown, I'll just say that everyone except our two injured running backs are probable, which is great news. John Abraham will once again have a chance to add Josh Freeman to his collection of trophies, and if he's anything like The Predator from the movies, Freeman may be down a skull or two.

Unfortunately, Jason Snelling and Antone Smith are questionable, which is sometimes a kiss of death with Mike Smith. I wouldn't recommend Googling those two terms together, by the way. Anyways, where both those guys have hamstring-related injuries, it's a pretty safe bet they'll be sitting out. I hope you like Gartrell Johnson.

Without Snelling, the Falcons will just have to use Michael Turner to bludgeon a middling Bucs front seven to death. The Falcons can try to integrate him and Gartrell into the passing game, but it's probably not really worth the effort. All the team can hope for is that Turner is up to his usual 25 carries and will remain healthy through the game. The alternative—Gartrell Johnson, featured back!—ain't pretty.

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