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A Look At The Falcons Red Zone Performance: Weeks 15 And 16

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Cruising into the red zone once more? You bet. This time, we're covering two weeks.

First up, the Seattle Seahawks game. Given four red zone opportunities, the Falcons put a thumping on the 'Hawks, scoring two touchdowns and converting two field goals. That's a red zone scoring average of 4.5 points, decent and enough to win in a game where the Falcons were dominating in almost every aspect of the game.

Against the Saints, the Falcons managed a scant two red zone trips. They scored in one and might have scored in another, were it not for Michael Turner's fumble. That's a scant 3 points per trip, affected by sample size. The fact that they couldn't do better speaks more to their offense between the 20's than it does the red zone, methinks.

So the Falcons have been less than spectacular the last two weeks. Hopefully the Panthers serve as a panacea.