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Falcons-Saints Rematch Open Thread

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It's on.

The Falcons will play host to the Saints tonight, but the Cajun Kids may find the Georgia Dome a less hospitable environment than New Orleans. After losing on a Garrett Hartley missed field goal and subsequent Falcons score, the Saints continued to play great football but remained behind the Falcons in the standings. Now they have a chance to lunge forward.

Of course, this is the Falcons' home. They're still playing for home field advantage in the playoffs, so there's still a reason to get up for this game. And then there's the little matter of the Saints being the Falcons' most bitter rivals. I don't think anyone's going to lack for motivation here.

So given that this is likely to be both an awesome game and one with implications for the Falcons' playoff destinies, I expect you all to be out in force. Talk your way through it and look for the second half thread at 10 p.m. sharp.

Go Falcons!