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Saturday Six Pack: Merry Christmas Edition 12/25/10

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Christmas Edition Matty Ice Six Pack. Just as frosty as the normal edition!
Christmas Edition Matty Ice Six Pack. Just as frosty as the normal edition!

I bet you never saw that title coming, did you? Of course you didn't.

This week, we play on the biggest stage the regular season has to offer in Monday Night Football. AND, we're playing the Saints with potential divisional implications! It can't get much better than this!

With that said, let's get this Saturday Six Pack rockin'!

DOL: Good thing D. Orlando Ledbetter is my leadoff hitter. This guy provides stuff every week, unlike the hot/cold Pat Yasinskas. (Though I say that, he does a good job covering the NFCS. I'm just silly!) Anywho, here is an article about the Falcons draft plans already being underway. Here is an article about how Peria Jerry hasn't fully healed from his knee injury yet. It's an interesting read. I had no idea he only played on 3rd down, but perhaps we should be thankful that Corey Peters has emerged as a starter in all this. Finally, here is an article talking about Gonzo mulling retirement. I don't want ol' Gonzo to leave us, but he is reaching his time in this league. It's been a pleasure to call him a Falcon, for sure.

Bleacher Report: I think I did one of these last week, but Bleacher Report has pulled through for me again. Here is an article detailing all of the Falcons uniforms. I gotta say, the 2003 ones look really, really cool. It's too bad people think they're cursed. I think they would look good. Which one is your favorite? I think I like the red jerseys we wear now. They're awesome, though the throwbacks are cool, too.

Sports Illustrated: Here is an article from the AP over at about how the Falcons have found a good mix of playing time at the linebacker position. It's a good read and it shows how we've managed to keep everyone fresh and healthy. Thankfully, the strategy has worked well.

Miami Herald: Here is an article previewing our MNF game. It's written by Scott Garbarini on The Sports Network, and it's very detailed considering it's just a game preview. It gives a lot of information. It's worth a look!

Victoria Advocate: Here is an article from Rick Gosselin from The Dallas Morning News that talks about how Matt Ryan has been ice cold at home. It also provides some interesting stats about the home games that he has played. I think it's a neat story about how he's mysteriously good at home.

Random Funny: To end this SSP on a good note, I present this image. It's not the funniest thing out there, but it's appropriate. Merry Christmas, everyone! Stay safe out there!