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Game Recap @SEA: Keep On Rollin', Baby!

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You know what time it is. (Anyone catching this reference gets an Internet high five)

I was in Georgia visiting some old friends and had the fortunate pleasure of witnessing the beatdown we put on the Seahawks in their stadium. Dave pretty much gave the word in his recap yesterday, but I'm going to give my opinion while putting my sarcastic, sad face pessimistic spin on everything! I'm kidding.

We put a whooping on the Seahawks in their house, and despite some early miscues, I think we played a pretty solid game. Join me after the jump and we'll check out all things awesome about the game!

I think Sunday was the first time I was actually keeping myself calm by saying "We'll be fine. Plenty of football left. We'll respond." after that abysmal defensive start. Truthfully, I was afraid that they would keep pace with us, or worse, stay ahead of us. However, my defensive worries were banished, thanks largely in part to...


...the GREAT play by Jamaal Anderson to get a sack and forced fumble in the end zone. Yes, Hasselbeck held onto the ball for way, way too long, but I think he was doing his best to make a play happen considering the circumstances. Also, congrats to Babs for scoring his first career touchdown. The man does so much for the interior DLine and often gets little attention for it. He definitely deserved the score, and his mom was there to see it. Gotta love it.

Solid special teams work on Sunday, especially the punts. Koenen had several good punts that had favorable bounces, and he nailed a great kick to pin the Hawks back near their goal line and that lead to the defensive TD.

Brent Grimes is so good. Dunta also had a couple great pass defenses and was solid on coverage throughout the game. Just an overall good effort by the secondary. I love how William Moore has shown up to play, too.

Our offense is clockwork, I tell ya what. Seahawks take a 7.5 minute drive to make a statement? Alright, we can do that, except we'll take nearly 9 minutes....and go just 50 yards. We eat clock unlike anything I've ever seen. Our O seriously must rival the old Four Corners offense of the pre-shot clock era in basketball. I have no doubt we could eat an entire quarter's worth of time if we started on our own 5. That thought makes me giggle like a school girl, except not.

Less Awesome

Obviously, I must point out the defensive lapse at the beginning of the game. That stuff can't happen in the playoffs, and it can't happen next week, either. I do not want to go into a "Win for No. 1 seed against the Panthers". If the Panthers lock up the #1 draft pick next week, I could seriously see us flat-footing our way out of the #1 seed spot if we somehow lose to the Saints next week. Is it likely? No, but the Panthers would love to play spoiler to a division rival, and I wonder whether we would get caught on our rumps in the Dome or not.

I felt like we were giving up large chunks of yards, but we only gave up something like 234 yards. That's pretty good, and of course we held them to only 18 points and 8 of those were meaningless 4th quarter points. However, upon further review, we gave up 9 rushing first downs while only getting 6 ourselves. They had 16 fewer rushing attempts, and 7 fewer rushing yards, but still managed a MUCH better YPC than us (4.3 them, 2.6 us) That isn't going to fly in the playoffs either. A good team will carve us asunder while we continue to Turner Pile on 2 every other play.

Speaking of Turner, I feel like he's not seeing some of the holes that are being given. I feel like he's acknowledging the point of attack too much. Honestly, I feel like this is because he's more of a thunderous runner instead of a scat one-cut runner. I saw some massive cutback holes that were simply either not seen by Turner or not awesome enough for him to care. He did have at least one really good out-of-character cutback run that was good, and wouldn't you know it went for a big gain. I do believe one of them was called back because of holding.

Not Awesome

There's really not much to put here. We played a pretty good game all the way around. Actually, that one Matty INT was just ugly. Talk about out-of-character, he threw it right to MiniBabs! Great play by MiniBabs to do what he did, but Matty must not have seen MiniBabs hiding back there and gave him a free ball. Hopefully he'll get the INT bug out of him before the Saints next week.

Also, penalties. While we only had 4 penalties, I felt like a couple of them were ehhh..... but none of them were particularly crippling. I hate penalties. They are definitely not awesome.

Snelling's hoopty double fumbles, one of which appeared to result in an injury (helmet to hand hit, I think) were quite strange. Although I found it hilarious that the ball found its way into a Falcon's grasp both times. That part was awesome, but it is very uncharacteristic of Snelling to fumble like that. I chalk it up to bad luck and then Insta-Karma giving us good luck by returning the ball to us. Actually, I wonder if that has ever happened before. Two fumbles recovered by the possessing team in consecutive plays. Hmm....

Overall, it was a good game. I feel like we did what we were supposed to do, that being fly out there, take care of business safely and relatively injury free, and come back home with a W. Yes, there is always room for improvement, but another non heart attack victory is good enough for me.

And for all you faithful readers out there, here's a sneak peek at my debate post for this week: What would you define as playing a "complete" game of football? Think about it, come up with some ideas, and let's talk about it on Thursday!