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Tweets of the Game 2 for 1: ATL at CAR and ATL at SEA

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Excuse the lateness of the CAR game. Fun tweets, regardless of the boredom of the game. Usual suspects offered up some great stuff. Enjoy.


FUMBLE RECOVERY!!!!! Poppa_Falcon

Falcons already bending the Panthers over. 7-0. Tony G TD. EdGrohl

Not even two minutes in and we're up 7-0. Might as well set up a base camp in the end zone. We're gonna be there a lot. FalconsJAdams

I want that jacket that Coach Smith is wearing. Skoob0211

Falcons are having a glorified practice today. We need a dominating win against a bad team. HalMoore

#Panthers 56-yard punt was seven times their total offense in their first two possesions (8 total yards). ReidAdair

It's Harry D for 1st and goal! KAChilds

#Harry Douglas with the big catch. They've been trying to hit that deep ball all year. The 46-yarder is his longest gain of the season. AJCFalcons

A play-action pass on the 1-yard line. #Power football?

Touchdown Turner!! 14-0 Falcons MidwestATLFALC

Atlanta is looking like "The Machine" from '8mm' right now. This is a Snuff Film. EdGrohl

Jimmy Clausen, meet @johnabraham55. #atlcar10 ReidAdair

Just saw some highlights from #Falcons game. I feel bad for Carolina. Poolwatcher

They should call them the Cant'hers. TheFalcoholic

The Panthers game tape should be hosted by Mike or Bob Golic and be renamed "NFL's Greatest Follies" EdGrohl

I'm sorry, Panthers spell check didn't detect "first down." Did you mean "three and out?" TheFalcoholic

First quarter is over here in Carolanta. The reaction in the press box: "One down, three to go." FalconsJAdams

#Falcons up 14-0 after first quarter over Carolina, which reportedly still is in the NFL. JeffSchultzAJC

That sack puts John Abraham at 100.5 sacks for his career. Congrats, Abe! FalconsJAdams

A Panthers first down? Holy crappy offense suddenly coming to life, Batman! TheFalcoholic

The D is playing like they are possessed. Skoob0211

RT @J_E_R_M_Z: @Poppa_Falcon Why your head coach got on a MJ Thriller jacket? <---cuz we're fixin to moonwalk in Charlotte. HA! Poppa_Falcon

Michael Turner: 11 carries, 51 yds.; 1 rec., 12 yds. Carolina offense: 16 plays, 16 yds. ReidAdair

Slow cook those ribs, #Falcons. Poppa_Falcon

With that 17-yard catch, Michael Jenkins becomes the sixth different #Falcon with a reception in the first half. ReidAdair

Loving this offense today. Scar988

Is it just my imagination, or are Panthers fans rooting for the Falcons now? FalconsJHicks

They want that #1 pick. This season is beyond salvage. mFalcons5

Pssssssssssst. Those aren't Panthers fans. FalconsDLevak

William Moore just shortened a neck. And Biermann just got his second sack of the game. Defense is on fi-yah! FalconsJAdams

I can't KEEP UP with these SACKS!!!! Poppa_Falcon

Haha roddy white dropping the f-bomb on camera.... technomonk13

No harm, no foul on that pick. Thankfully. TheFalcoholic

Falcons lead #Panthers at half 17-0. A lot of fans leaving seats, either for beer or their cars. JeffSchultzAJC

I remember once the Panthers had a horrible QB and they ran all over the #Falcons. Dreman1731

It wouldn't be the Falcons if they didn't let a team back in to the game. TheFalcoholic

A 'killer instinct' is SORELY missing. Poppa_Falcon

Wouldn't be a Falcons game without a disturbing third quarter. FalconsJAdams

This is SURREAL. It's like the two teams SWITCHED PLACES at halftime. FalconsDLevak

Awww Willie Mo... That would have been a pick 6 ATLJBO22

And just like that ... Chauncey Davis with a HUGE sack. How about that, Jimmy Clausen?????? ReidAdair

Sack-a-thon : Abraham 2, Bierman 2, Chauncey Davis 1. (Davis ' first of the season). AJCFalcons


Brief uprising thwarted. We can now resume to our regularly-scheduled butt-whooping. FalconsDLevak

Jimmy Clausen is hilarious, and I don't think he means to be. TheFalcoholic

With their sixth punt of the day, the Panthers now have as many punts as they do pass completions. ReidAdair

#Falcons getting cute, they stopped running the ball. Dreman1731

24-10 Falcons. Can we please just end this game now. MidwestATLFALC

The Falcons have allowed 213 rushing yards to the Panthers today. That's the most allowed since Mike Smith took over in 2008. FalconsTroy

Ultimate Warrior isn't just a wrestler. It's also printed on Roddy White's business cards. TheFalcoholic

No sack for Jimmy Clausen ... but he gets picked by Mike Peterson. Thanks, Jimmy!!!!!!! ReidAdair

TD BY Turner! Number 3. Poppa_Falcon

Got to love @ericweems all over the place. Fighting to score on offense, then delivering a big hit on special teams. ReidAdair

Time to sing the 11-2 song. It doesn't have any set lyrics, per se. You just kinda sing "11-2! 11-2!" until your spouse punches you. TheFalcoholic


I see that ross perot is the head ref for the falcs- seahawks game - technomonk13

#Falcons run defense looks as mediocre as the last two weeks. JeffSchultzAJC

The D man..... Not good on the 1st drive ATLJBO22

Come on #Falcons. Saints lost so let's get it together. Answer with 7. KAChilds

Weeeeems!! Nice return! Your turn Matty Ice. #atlsea10 KAChilds

Praying to the TV gods that they didn't catch some type of "indisputable" evidence to overturn the 1st down. #atlsea10 KAChilds

Too dicey for a challenge. Did caroll think they would shift it an inch? Technomonk13

The Falcons are now 10 for 12 going for it on 4th downs this season. FalconsDLevak

Wow Mike Smith's nuts are so big today he could use them as a beanbag chair .....geez SteveNDFan

Matt Ryan three yards to Jason Snelling ... TOUCHDOWN FALCONS!!!!!! ReidAdair

Falcons drive 57 yards in 3 days 4 hours and 23 minutes for a TD to tie this baby up! Technomonk13

Much better looking defensive series this time around boys! Technomonk13

Is this how the Seahawks offense, screen passes? Dreman1731

Snelling fumbles! Roddy picks it up!! 1st down Atlanta!! KAChilds

Snelling fumbles 2 plays in a row and now he is hurt. Triple whammy. MidwestATLFALC

WHEW! that kick was close but Matt Bryant is still Money!!! FemFalconFan

Damn damn damn damn damn.....terrible throw Ryan. MidwestATLFALC

Two minutes to score, #Ryan shines in this situation. Need to be up at the half! AtlantaPeaches

FACEMASK. I'll TAKE that! Poppa_Falcon

Wow - what a LASER by Ryan to White, allowing him to not even break stride! Best pass of the day so far for Ryan. FalconsDLevak


Falcons are lucky to be leading at the half, but they should come out and crush the Seahawks when they return. TheFalcoholic

JA strip, Babs for the TD!!!!! Technomonk13

Jamaal Anderson with his 2nd sack of the season and makes it count!!! Scar988

But seriously, what the hell does Matt Hasselbeck thinking, other than, "How is the worst way to f this up?" mFalcons5

I'm going CRAZY FOR MY BIRDS TODAY!!!! Poppa_Falcon

That was Babineaux's first career touchdown. AJCFalcons

How the hell do Grimes do ATLJBO22

I swear. I think grimes could catch an STD at church. Nothing eludes his grasp. Skoob0211

Someone check @BGrimes20 shoes for Flubber! I saw Robin Williams do the same exact thing in a movie once. mFalcons5

Seahawks in self destruct mode now!! Hahaha! Magic_Falcon

I AM DYING at this announcers man crush on FUNNY!! CBSpriggs

Weems with ANOTHER great special teams tackle - the man has been nothing short of BEASTLY today. FalconsDLevak

INT Moore!!!! Technomonk13

Howie looked/sounded pained giving #Falcons props. Poor talking heads. KAChilds

I'm finnin to pull an Elvis and shoot my tv! These announcers AND Howie are up on my last nerve! AtlantaPeaches

Turn out the light, the party . . . JeffSchultzAJC

TD Roddy!!!!! Technomonk13

Biblical asswhoopin. Poppa_Falcon

It's so rude when the home team crowd shouts such nasty comments to their team. What do expect? They're playing the Falcons. FalconsJHicks

Damn these trap games. I'm worried pundits might be right & #Falcons may not be legit. Whatever!! This is called #RISING UP! KAChilds

You know it really is too bad the #falcons "can't win on the road". Mokak

I see a lot of day-glo green heading for the exits here at Qwest Field. With a quarter to go, the 12th Man has seen enough. FalconsDLevak

Hmmm trying to define dejection...should I go with Hasslebeck, Carroll, or Whitehurst?Tim Ryan it is! AtlantaPeaches

Seahawks moving on the BVG prevent machine.... technomonk13

These loser teams are dangerous because they have absolutely nuthin to lose....any legit team in the hunt would've gone for FG! MagicFalcon

Looks like that 12th man is getting to the Seahawks. Dreman1731

Arthur hugging on Matty Ice on the sideline. Awwwww. That's sweet. KAChilds

Great win for the Dirty Birds. Time to go home and bake molasses cookies. Skoob0211

Congrats #Falcons fans!!!! Great win today! We still gotta stay FOCUSED ON THE BIG PRIZE!! Poppa_Falcon

12-2 feels surreal. So many years hovering around or just about .500. And up by 2 games? AND best record in the NFL? Surreal. Just surreal. SportsTalkwithD