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Falcons-Seahawks Postgame Thread: Playoff Bound

The Falcons didn't need to win today to lock up a playoff berth, as it turns out. The Giants and Saints both lost, paving the way for Atlanta to hit the post-season.

But win they did. They harassed the Seahawks all day long, picking passes, forcing fumbles, wrecking it offensively and just generally embarrassing a team that had everything to lose at home. You want a quality road win, pundits? You got it.

Now the focus has to shift to the Falcons getting home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, which they're in excellent position to do. A win against the Panthers would likely seal it, but just to be safe, it would help to beat the Saints. I'm sure the Falcons will be only too happy to oblige.

Use this as your all-purpose postgame discussion thread and as a place to talk about the Sunday Night Football game. And hey...enjoy the win.