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Saturday Six Pack: West Coast Showdown Edition 12/18/10

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This one's for Kashberry, who donated this awesome image and is now braving the elements on his trip to Seattle. Cheers, my friend!
This one's for Kashberry, who donated this awesome image and is now braving the elements on his trip to Seattle. Cheers, my friend!

Hey guys. Tomorrow we face the team that is currently as far away as it gets, the Seattle Seahawks. They're as much in the playoff hunt as we are, and this game is just as important to our playoff hopes as the rest of the games have been this season.

Here's to a good, injury free game, and with that said, let's get this Saturday Six Pack rockin'!

DOL: The ever-reliable D. Orlando Ledbetter has provided us with more great reads this week. He provides two good reads on Jonathan Babineaux. The first one is a good story about Jonathan and his brother Jordan, who plays for the Seahawks. The second one is a story about how Babs does a lot of charity work but doesn't receive a whole lot of outside recognition. They're good reads. DOL also writes here about how the team isn't worried about Dunta's play because he's making QBs look the other way. Good stuff.

Associated Press: I pulled this article from, but it comes from the AP. It's an article about Roddy White tearing teams asunder this year. Notice the slight jab at how he "clearly pushed" the Ravens DB down. I gotta say, I didn't see much of anything there, but alright! It's still an interesting read on how Roddy's mom got his life back on track after his first few seasons.

The Globe and Mail: Tim Booth writes an article here about how the Falcons hope to limit their mistakes in Seattle and come away with a clean victory. It has some neat little insight from former Falcon Lawyer Milloy. Good stuff.

Field Gulls: The crew over at Field Gulls tries to find some positives in this week's game and talks about potential mismatches against us in the game on Sunday here. I gotta say, I know the feeling of having to wake up and watch my team, who is having a down year, play a team that is collectively a pile of flaming feathers. Hopefully, we can take care of business this week.

Bleacher Report: Ryan Comstock, the Falcons Featured Columnist over at Bleacher Report, does a nice little slide show here on the top 10 plays of the Falcons' season so far. It is also followed up with 10 reasons as to why the Falcons are the team to beat in the NFC. Overall, it's some good stuff!

Random Funny: If you watched the newest Christmas episode of Family Guy, you have no doubt as to which clip I am linking here. Careful, it does say one of the B words, so watch where you play it. I have to say that this is one of the funniest moments in TV that I have ever seen. I hope you enjoy it like I have!