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Statistics 101: Special Teams Edition

That's levitation holmes ...
That's levitation holmes ...

We have arrived!  The FINAL Statistics 101 post.  With any luck, the groundwork for future statistically-based conversations has been laid.  If you're bored and lonely this holiday season, re-read the series at your leisure. 

Here are the links if you do get curious again at any point:





Team Offense




Team Defense

Just a heads up, I'm not going anywhere. I'll still be bringing you statistical content, but it'll be much more game-by-game going forward  At least until the off-season, where I'll bring you the 2010-2011 complete statistical summaries for each position group. 

Join me after the jump for something extra special!

Yahoo Sports and do an excellent job tracking special teams statistics.



(1) Total Kick Offs

We have kicked off 71 times this year.  Fifth in the league.  The Eagles have kicked off the most (82 times).

(2) Kick Off Average

Our kick off average is 67.8 yards.  Also fifth in the league.  The Ravens have the highest kick off average (69.6 yards).

(3) Touch Backs

We have the 6th most touch backs this year (16).  The Ravens lead the league (37).

(4) Yards Per Kick Off Return Allowed

We allow the 13th most yards on kick off returns in the league (21.7 yards/return).  The Browns lead the league (17.4 yards/return).  The Ravens are the worst in the league (26.7 yards/return). 



(1) Total Punts

The Falcons have punted the fifteenth most in the league (59 punts).  The 49ers have punted the most (78 punts).  The Saints have punted the least (41 punts).

(2) Punt Average

Our punt average is the second-to-last in the league (39.4 yards/punt).  The Raiders have the highest punt average (47.4 yards/punt).  The Bears have the lowest punt average (39.1 yards/punt). 

(3) Punts Inside the 20 Yard LIne

We have the 7th most punts-inside-the-20 (24).  The Ravens have the most (34).  The Chargers have the least (11). 

(4) Yards Per Punt Return Allowed

We allow the 7th most yards on punt returns in the league (10.9 yards/return).  The Chargers are worst in the league (18.9 yards/return).  The Bengals are the best in the league (4.5 yards/return)



Special (a.k.a. Mr. Weems) has the second highest kick return average (28 yards/return) in the league (minimum 25 kick returns).  If his average were 0.8 yards/return higher, he'd have the highest return average in the league.

He has the 13th highest punt return average (11.4 yards/return) in the league (minimum 10 punt returns).  Leon Washington has the highest punt return average (18.1 yards/return).


So what do y'all think?  I'm fairly impressed to be honest, especially with Special.  Not sure what happened to Koenen, but he's still got that trademark accuracy, that's for sure.  Discuss and then as always, GO FORTH AND BE STATISTICAL!