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A Look At The Falcons Red Zone Performance: Week 14

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This post is sponsored by Xfinity and their NFL RedZone channel.  If you're looking to check out red zone action as it happens, then you need Xfinity's NFL RedZone. Xfinity: If it doesn't cure your gout, you're using it wrong.

So we're back in the red zone. It's kind of like the Danger Zone, except with less airplanes and uncomfortable sexual tension between Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer.

The Falcons were a model of red zone efficiency against the Panthers (surprise!), converting all their chances for touchdowns. In total, they went four times, and pounded Michael Turner in three times and tossed a touchdown. You can't ask for a much better performance inside the 20, and that's even if you count the single field goal that came from the 21 yard line, which is barely outside of the zone. Improvement or Panthers defense? You decide.

And hey, happy Friday, everybody. We'll get the week's end injury report for you later today, and maybe more. If you're good.