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Jason Snelling, Coy Wire Return To Practice

As anticipated.

Limited practice is a step in the right direction and not the final word on whether these two will play, but it appears Jason Snelling and Coy Wire are moving toward that end. That would make me happy.

Snelling's the action-packed back with the kung-fu catching skills, so his return would only help to bolster the offense. It'd be nice to get him back to game speed before taking on the Saints, where the Falcons could use all the weapons they can muster. Also, as I mentioned earlier this week, it might prevent the team from giving Michael Turner the rock so many times that Sisyphus gets jealous.

And Wire? Invaluable special teamer and quality back-up. We like those in Atlanta.

The rest of the injury report shouldn't raise any eyebrows. Curtis Lofton, Roddy White and John Abraham probably won't practice on a Wednesday for the rest of the season. All in the name of keeping them fresh.