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Report: Mike Mularkey Linked To Denver Broncos Coaching Job?

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Get your wild rumor hats on. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is asking questions!

It didn't take long for the speculation about the next Denver Broncos head coach to reach our own Mike Mularkey, he of the 14-18 career coaching record and questionable offensive wizardry. D. Orlando Ledbetter painstakingly draws out the links: An interim coach who served on Mularkey's Buffalo staff, developed Matt Ryan along Bill Musgrave and is capable of guiding a conservative, run-first attack.

It makes an awful lot of sense on paper, and even the record probably won't scare the Broncos off. After all, as they have been for the rest of the decade, the Bills weren't all that great back in 2004-05, when he served as their coach. You should also take with a grain of salt the fact that Mularkey said he hasn't been contacted, because as DOL notes himself, teams aren't technically allowed to contact coaches during a season. With Mularkey admitting that he wants to lead a team again, this could be his shot to do so.

The ultimate irony here would be if the Falcons lose Mularkey in the off-season and bring aboard Josh McDaniels as an offensive coordinator, which would be a straight swap with the Broncos. I expect Mularkey going elsewhere would be greeted with some enthusiasm by some quarters, but he has been a steady hand at the helm of this offense. Tough to say if McDaniels' more aggressive approach or one from someone else entirely would resonate with this team, but we may have to find out.

Discuss this rumor and your thoughts on Mularkey's future with the team.