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Expect Injured Atlanta Falcons To Return This Week

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The Falcons aren't the same football team without Jason Snelling on the field. I don't want to overstate his importance, of course, but the numbers tell a story.

Against the Panthers, the Falcons got two receptions out of Michael Turner and Ovie Mughelli in total. Their second leading rusher behind Turner was Gartrell Johnson, who carried the rock six times and picked up a meager eight yards. The week before against Tampa, the Falcons got an admirable three catches and 32 yards out of Mughelli, but didn't register another carry with any of their backs on the ground. There's a dimension missing without Snelling, who is both a capable rusher and easily the team's best pass-catching back.

Fortunately, it looks like he's on his way back.

There's been a little coughing in the wings about the workload Turner's taken on the past couple of weeks, and I don't quibble with that. Turner probably shouldn't be getting 25 carries a week against inferior opponents like the Panthers, but there's literally not another viable option on the roster right now.

The return of Snelling will give Turner at least a little bit more rest, and we need our colossus at full strength for the playoffs.

Also, Coy Wire might be coming back. Resident ninja and special teams ace? Glad to have him!