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Atlanta Falcons-Carolina Panthers Open Thread

Every game's a big game this late in the season.

The Carolina Panthers are the easiest team on the Falcons' schedule, but it's important. A win here gets the Falcons to 11 on the season, which will almost certainly get them a playoff berth in a packed NFC where almost every team has a more difficult schedule than they do. That's enough to give you the warm and fuzzies.

So the Falcons will come out amped for this one and look to seal up the playoffs, embarrass an NFC South rival and keep the good times rolling. The Panthers will be looking to play the role of spoiler, slowing the Falcons' advance toward the post-season and bringing a little dignity back to Charlotte. I anticipate a closer game than we should reasonably expect, but one the Falcons will walk away from 11-2. More warm and fuzzies? Yes, sir!

Consider this your all-purpose discussion thread for the 1 p.m. game. I'll join you in the comments.