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Saturday Six Pack: Snoozefest Game Edition 12/11/10

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Soon, I may have to photoshop a chicken wing on this picture somewhere.
Soon, I may have to photoshop a chicken wing on this picture somewhere.

This week, we play the Carolina Panthers.

Hold on while I go take a nap, only to wake up during the fourth quarter and find that we're losing by 2 points with about 1:30 left in the game.

However, we have the ball. Ten real life minutes later, Matt Bryant kicks a game winning field goal, and my heart explodes. Then I wake up from my dream within a dream and find that we're winning 842-0. Here's to hoping the latter scenario holds true.

That being said, let's get this Saturday Six Pack rockin'!

DOL: The ever-reliable DOL (Unlike Pat Yasinskas, who has let me down once again) has produced a few stories of merit. Here is an article about how the Panthers have become unrecognizable during their miserable season. I tend to agree with him, and I also think DR23 will get his first INT of the year solely because Clausen won't know NOT to throw at him. DOL also provides a good read here with a quick little story about how far Brent Grimes has come since Shippensburg. It's a good read, though I think we'll be hearing more stories like that one in the near future if Grimes keeps up the awesome work. Also, whose idea was it to dump the guy who scouted him??

Herald Online: Joseph Person over at the Charlotte Observer writes an article here about Matt Ryan bringing the terror train Falcons into Panther land. He will also be leading the terror train through and out of Panther land with a W. Nothing more to see here, folks! Bucky Brooks over at writes a nice little article here about how the Falcons are playing simplistic, fundamental football to grind out success. He puts a few simple, but interesting stats in there, most notably the 'giving up big play' stat. I was impressed at how well we were doing in comparison to the rest of the league in that category. Bryan Strickland over at the Panthers official site writes about what to watch for in the game here. I hate to pretend I can read minds, but there's a very subtle sign of sadness in his writing, not that I can blame him. It would be hard to stay cheerful for the ooze of the NFL. If the Falcons were that way, I'd be sad, too. But we're not that way, thankfully.

Washington Post: Amy Shipley over at the Washington Post writes a fantastic article here about the Falcons road to success and how they've managed to stay relatively quiet about it in the media. If you ever read any of these articles, you absolutely must read this one. This is a great, great article, and it's very well written. Super kudos to Amy for this one.

Random Funny: You know, if you all knew my nerdy references well enough, I could just post a script of some of the conversations my friends and I have and you'd definitely get a laugh out of it. However, I don't have that luxury, so instead you get this. I went a little bit lax this week because school and whatnot have prevented me from experiencing much funny. Jeff Dunham is a pretty popular guy, but if you haven't seen his stuff (or even if you have) you should give them a look. He's awesome.