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Friday Injury Report: Something Other Than Questionable

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Our list of important players keeps growing on the injury list, which concerns me a little.

I think it was tossed around that Mike Smith refused to tip his hand as to whether certain players would play or not because he's secretly a poker dealer with a stone face.

At the rate we're going, we might turn into a team of walking wounded, and I don't think that'll bode well for the future.

Follow me after the jump and I'll break down the ever-growing list of injuries.

Well, I certainly hope I grabbed your attention. Yes, Mike Smith usually doesn't tip his hand about injuries, but this week, you can rest easy.

This injury report almost seems like a strategy in its own right. Here's a quick breakdown:

Roddy White (Knee), John Abraham (Groin), and Tony Gonzalez (Ankle): All three of these men are probable and all three will most definitely play. I could see Abe and Gonzo getting a break if the game starts to get one-sided, but Roddy has always struck me as someone who wants to go out and play regardless. Roddy's knee has been bothering him for a while, which is probably why his numbers have dropped. Both he and Abe have been battling nagging injuries for a while, but they should be fine.

Curtis Lofton (Knee, Questionable): One quick thing I noticed about the three aforementioned men is that they were all DNP on Wednesday and then FP on the other two days. Perhaps Smitty is giving them an extra day of recovery to help them into the playoffs? Anywho, The Police did not practice until today but he did participate fully in practice. I expect he'll play, and unfortunately he'll probably get the bulk of the MLB reps because...

Coy Wire (Head, Doubtful) ...probably will not play this week. I don't recall what happened to Coy, but he's a valuable backup and special teams guy and he's definitely worth his paycheck. Speaking of special teams...

Kroy Biermann (Ankle, Probable) ...our third kicker has essentially practiced all week. I expect him to start and I would expect him to get plenty of QB rushing practice in this week. Speaking of rushing...

Jason Snelling (Hamstring, Questionable) ...half of Turnelling still hasn't practiced all week. I expect Smitty to sit him again and I do expect Gartrell Johnson 3 to get more carries this week. This could be our chance to see what we have in GJ3.

Babineaux and Harvey Dahl were both on the injury report this week, but both have practiced all week so I expect that they'll be out there.

For the Panthers, they're pretty banged up. They'll be without LB Nic Harris and possibly DB Chris Gamble as well. LB Jon Beason and DB Captain Munnerlyn likely won't be at 100%, so their defense will be in worse shape than it already is. It's possible they could also be without Tackle Travelle Wharton and possibly DT Ed Johnson. Yeah, we're a little better off than they are.

Here's to an injury free game to both sides on Sunday!

(Oh, and Ball Hawk, I have to work Sunday morning. :'( So it'll be TV and the Falcoholic for me this week. Maybe next time.)