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Tweets of the Game 2-for-1: ATL at STL and vs GB

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Shame on me, etc etc, Tweets of the Game STL and GB are behind the jump. Enjoy.


I actually prefer that we get the ball in the 2nd half. So "losing" the toss never bothers me. #atlstl10 – KAChilds

Abraham looks different.. lol – DREdwards

Grimey versus Laurent Robinson? I don't predict good things from L-Rob. – TheFalcoholic

Weatherspoon enters the game on 4th St. Louis offensive play, spelling starter Stephen Nicholas at strongside linebacker. – FalconsDLevak

Why does Fox keep showing that dude and saying its Abraham. #idiots – DirtyBird4life

Where's the damn flag on the rams for ticky tack shit there? – Scar988

Putting Mike Peterson in coverage in like guarding a nuclear weapons silo with Mr. Magoo. – TheFalcoholic

We know how dominating the Falcons can be, which is why it's so troubling that they come out of the gates so slowly, so often. FalconsDLevak

Ok, I'm putting the announcers on mute and listening to the #Falcons on the radio. – Dreman1731

I say "Do something crazy Mularkey" on the blog and it's an 18 yard pass to Weems. A winner is me. – TheFalcoholic

Roddy shaking folks out of their shoes – Dreman1731

#Birds don't look right. AJCFalcons

Rams just tried to ice Atlanta's kicker in the first quarter. This is why you're Rams. Jason__Kirk

Falcons took coverage lessons from a stripper, apparently. – TheFalcoholic

Having our LB cover their WR is definitely helping Bradford. Scoob0211

Smelling an upset - #Rams 10, #Falcons 3. Birds need to wake up before its too late. AJCFalcons


Late Hit!!! Dreman1731

The ancient machinery that runs Brian Finneran has sputtered to life once more. Big touchdown for Big Finn. TheFalcoholic

I think the Rams have scored enough points for today. #atlstl10 – KAChilds

Atlanta is the TRUTH. DeionSanders

Ryan to Finneran, the refurbished man... all repairs made with genuine OEM parts! AtlantaPeaches

Nice stop, Falcons. A little D never hurt nobody. TheFalcoholic

Tony Gonzalez drops his sixth pass of the year, and announcers say "You don't see that very often!" in 3... 2... Jason__Kirk

Tony G has been missing key catches like that all season. ATLJBO22

JA98 has been huge this year for run d DREdwards25

Roddy White needs 8 yards to get to 1,000 for the year. FalconsJAdams

I think we found the secret to our offense: The No Huddle. We should do it the entire 1st half of every game! KAChilds

That sound of waves crashing against the shoreline? That's the tide turning in this one. FalconsDLevak

NICE METHODICAL DRIVE by the #Falcons. Poppa_Falcon

That looked like interference to me. DirtyBird4life

Sigh......getting SICK of these fg's. Poppa_Falcon

Up by 6? Not great. Getting the ball back at the half? Better. TheFalcoholic

According to reader's study, Falcons are awful in 1Q and 3Q and great in 2Q and 4Q. Proof is in the disappointing pudding, folks. TheFalcoholic

Ive never seen so many guys lose their helmets. #atlstl10 DirtyBird4life

@DirtyBird4life Seriously! Not buying stock in that chinstrap company. #atlstl10 FalconsDLevak

Just like a one-legged dog on a tricycle, this offense is going nowhere. TheFalcoholic

BOOOOORRRRING! #falcons aren't playing with ANY fire. With the Aint's n Succanneers on their heels this game is HUGE! Play like it matters.. DirtyBird4life

Time to get the offense going. This isn't a game of Risk, Falcons! TheFalcoholic

Is it the 4th qtr yet so the real Falcons will come out to play? Keleland

Tony Gonzalez has the best field awareness I've ever seen. Eyes in the back of his head after every catch. Jason__Kirk

Congrats to @roddywhitetv for reaching 1,000 yards this season! #atlstl10 FalconsJAdams

Even Magellan's impressed with the distance the Falcons covered on that drive. 23-17, good guys. TheFalcoholic

Peele becoming a weapon for Falcons. Mularkey's showing increased versatility in play-calling near goal line. JeffSchultzAJC

I think Betty White is the only person Matt Ryan has NOT passed to today! #Falcons #atlstl10 #Riseup AtlantaPeaches

GREAT JOB, DEFENSE!!!! Poppa_Falcon

The GameTracker has one long line followed by many short ones a lot today. It's like someone hooked a heart monitor up to Grady Jackson. TheFalcoholic

Decided the NFC South should be just like the SEC. Let's start rooting for the Saints and Bucs to beat their WAC teams today. Jason__Kirk

This could be the game folks.....gotta put 7 on em NOW! DirtyBird4life

OMG! I just screamed that ball out of those defenders' hands FemFalconFan

Kick it. Take the 3. Not glamorous but I like our defense in the 4th quarter. Let's lock it down Birds. KAChilds

#Falcons and this damn prevent defense. Bring the HEAT!!! Dreman1731

True to form, Falcons going to sleep since they have a little lead. Geez. KAChilds

William Moore, I shall call you Mr. Clutches. FalconsJAdams

You never know when C4 is going to blow up. Huge pick for William Moore. TheFalcoholic

Sam Bradford beat Tebow for the Heisman, but Tebow sure throws a better shovel pass. Jason__Kirk

So much for Sam Bradford's streak ... William Moore's pick ends the streak at 169 attempts without an int. ReidAdair

Either the Falcons have absolute faith in the defense or the offense is too busy talking about Black Ops to get their heads in the game. TheFalcoholic

Matt Ryan with another solid day, 26-39 for 253, two TD's and wasn't sacked. ReidAdair

Michael Turner breaks through for 39 yards ... TOUCHDOWN FALCONS!!!!!!!! ReidAdair

Michael Turner burns a streak down the field to drive the final nail in the Rams coffin! Tonisibert

#STL mad as hell for that two point conversion Dreman1731

And we go for 2 AND make it!! How about Smitty for calling that! No mercy rule in the NFL! KAChilds

Did we just do that...LMAO ATLJBO22

The two point conversion is twisting the knife, pouring rum in the wound and setting it on fire. TheFalcoholic

Hey, 2 pt conversion is status quo. If #Rams looking for new friends, they should try a church social. This is football, ladies. #Falcons AtlantaPeaches

A #falcons win means all is right in the world. DirtyBird4life

Turner wanted to make the final score his jersey number, but Ryan went for 2 in honor of Ovie's sick block to open the lane. FalconsJHicks


A lot of Cheeseheads in the Georgia Dome. I guess they like being indoors. JeffSchultzAJC

You don't want to hear that a pass "surprised" Michael Jenkins. TheFalcoholic

Oline picks up the blitz! Good sign for #Falcons. AJCFalcons

Turner the Burner running hard SteveNDfan

Roddy White, your supernatural aura is showing. TheFalcoholic

Roddy White just became the 12th player in NFL history with 80 receptions & 1,000 yards receiving in four straight seasons. #Falcons Knoxbardeen

Man, Dahl hates the #Packers even more than me. mFalcons5

Rodgers didn't know the spot is where he starts to slide. Green Bay goes 3&out FemFalconFan

#Falcons got 3 on 1st possession. Packers out after 3 on their 1st possession. 3s all around! KAChilds

Run up the middle. Run up the middle. Sack. Well done, gentlemen. Take five. TheFalcoholic

When did we replace Dunta Robinson with a feeble old man? TheFalcoholic

Adjustment time is now BVG! Rodgers running wild! Stop that mo fo! MagicFalcon

Phew. 3-3 game now. Time for the Falcons to score. TheFalcoholic

A couple of missed plays on defense...some penalties. But held 'em to just 3pts in the first qtr. I'll TAKE that. Poppa_Falcon

Not the pass I would've gone with. Or the receiver I would've gone to. And so on. TheFalcoholic

#Falcons currently in self destruct mode! MagicFalcon

The poor tackling today is really driving me crazy. They could've produced a stop if they could keep the YAC low. TheFalcoholic

#Mike Peterson comes out of the pile with the football. Can you say BIG STOP! AJCFalcons

Two big goal line stops for Falcons defense! Huge turnover there. Tempo was slipping for sure. #AtlGB10 Need to keep Packers offense off Jamthedirtybird

Fumble recovery preserved a great stat: Falcons have not allowed a rushing TD from inside red zone all season. FalconsDLevak

#Curtis Lofton has been credited with forcing the fumble down on the goal line. AJCFalcons

Sure, my aorta is collapsing, but the Falcons have found a momentum shift. TheFalcoholic

FEED TURNER!!! Poppa_Falcon

Move the chains..#Falcons convert on a 4th and 3 #atlgb10 790TheZone

Wow, lucky the Packers don't know how to use a challenge flag. TheFalcoholic

Know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em: Falcons are now 8 of 10 on 4th down conversions this season. FalconsDLevak

Wideopentonygonzalez. The sweetest word in the English language. TheFalcoholic

Tony Gonzalez is my hero. That is all. FalconsJAdams

What a drive. Great call to go for it on fourth down, great TD pass and Gonzalez dunks it to finish it off. ReidAdair

10-3 Falcons. All we need now is a William Moore interception returned for a touchdown, followed by him punching an orphan into outer space. TheFalcoholic


I'd say the Falcons made adjustments at the half. Holy shazbat. TheFalcoholic

Alright @Atlanta_Falcons great start to 3rd Qtr with Packers 3&out. Let's RISE UP offense!!! #atlgb10 FemFalconFan

When Turner gets rolling, you need the Berlin Wall to stop him. TheFalcoholic


Just been handed a memo: The sky is not falling. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. FalconsJAdams

Fox announcer: "After all of that, Falcons gain a half-yard." Went from 2nd and 16 to 3rd and 9. Jason__Kirk

Hey who's that big ugly woman on the #packers.....oh wait its Clay bad. :-) DirtyBird4life

Michael Turner eats yardage like Kobayashi eats hot dogs. TheFalcoholic

Do me a favor, Falcons. Score. Score like Wilt Chamberlain at his high school prom. TheFalcoholic

#Falcons should treat this as 4-down territory. Don't kick inside the 5 with 15 minutes left. The field position is worth more than 3 pts. Whodat9000


THAT'S a TD!!!!! Poppa_Falcon

Thats a TD all the way! DirtyBird4life

Michael Turner could've walked into the end zone with a parasol and a monocle. TheFalcoholic

Turner giving the #Packers the #HulkSmash. Did Billick just say Turner had magical feet? (WTF?) mFalcons5

Swear a nine-year-old Madden brat is controlling the Packers. Scramble! Slide! (Repeat) Jason__Kirk

Packers swing for the fences when they only needed a bunt. Sets up 4th & 1 at the 41. They're going for it! FalconsDLevak

#Falcons stop the Packers on 4th down!! Huge stop for ATL! EdGrohl

I've ridden this coaster too many times. Can we punch this in for a TD, hit the teacups and call it a day? FalconsDLevak

Note to Mike Mularkey: Never throw to Gartrell Johnson again. If he was babysitting, he would've just tossed the baby out with the bathwater TheFalcoholic

Really? On 3rd down that's the guy the Falcons go to? Um, ok... jamthedirtybird

Decoud!!!!!! He is always in it! MagicFalcon

I really like how they are making Rodgers one dimensional! Gotta step up secondary! MagicFalcon

Playclock hit zero. We got a couple of calls in this one, but that was absolutely egregious. TheFalcoholic

No you guys, the play clock has to go to -1 for it to be a delay of game. Jason__Kirk

DEFENSE RISES UP! Pack faces 4th & goal at the 5. This is the play of the game. Atlanta_Falcons

DAMN!!!!! Poppa_Falcon

Eric Weems is my hero. That is all. FalconsJAdams

My heart is pounding! Come on Falcons!! MidwestATLFALC

Wow. This game!!! Falcons have another great shot to get it done here. Nice drive from Matty Ice. Big kick coming, fits the weekend jamthedirtybird

There's no one I'd rather have with the game on the line than Matt Ryan and Matt Bryant. NO ONE. FalconsJAdams

Matt Bryant, you're an angel with a #3 jersey. Make it so. TheFalcoholic

MONEY MATT BRYANT!!!!! Poppa_Falcon

I love my #Falcons! Dreman1731

Dear Twitter....I CAN'T BREATHE!!!! EdGrohl

What a finish. GB got away with delay on their drive but Weems, Ryan and Bryant saved the day. This was awesome. ReidAdair

Doubt us! Go ahead and doubt us! 9-2 baby!!! FalconsJAdams

I don't believe in magic. I don't believe in my government. I question religion. But I unequivocally believe in this Atlanta Falcons team. TheFalcoholic

Well...who will still doubt the #Falcons as a great team!?? EdGrohl

Matt Ryan only missed 4 throws all game! MagicFalcon