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A Look At The Falcons Red Zone Performance: Week 12

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This post is sponsored by Xfinity and their NFL RedZone channel.  If you're looking to check out red zone action as it happens,  then you need Xfinity's NFL RedZone. Xfinity: Because I said so.

The Falcons always seem to score when it counts, so perhaps this particular series is losing its luster. There is still much to be learned, though, so pull up a chair and we'll run down the Packers game.

Basically, the Falcons made it to the red zone only three times against a tough Green Bay defense. In those three opportunities, they had Matt Bryant boot a field goal, Matt Ryan throw a short touchdown pass and Michael Turner run one in. Thanks to my calculator, we know that the Falcons averaged a pretty good five points on those three possessions.

That's better than against the Ravens and Rams, when the Falcons contented themselves with field goals a little too often for my taste. It's not a touchdown every time, but one can't be too greedy. Unless your name is Greedo. Then it's acceptable.

Weigh in on our Falcons' red zone performance.