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Falcons-Buccaneers Second Half Open Thread

Unfortunately, the self-proclaimed best team in the NFC was starting to look the part shortly before halftime.

The Falcons are up by three, but have to come out swinging and open up that gap in the second half. More importantly, they need the defense to stop playing like a bunch of clowns with floppy shoes, big red noses and a comical lack of coverage skills. Josh Freeman is too good if he's allowed to sit back there and pick out his targets.

Some quick observations, and then the discussion continues:

  • Michael Turner looks unstoppable. Unfortunately, so does Mike Williams.
  • Roddy White is hurt and it appears the Falcons will hold him out until they're in dire straits or, you know, entirely. No sense in hurting him more.
  • Dunta Robinson looks a little shaky.