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Atlanta Falcons-Tampa Bay Buccaneers Open Thread

Thank the Football Gods the bye week is over.

I'm expecting a good game today. The Falcons are rested, Dunta Robinson should be on the field and the Falcons need this win to stay atop the NFC South. I can only assume they like being there.

Look for Michael Turner to get 20-plus carries, Matt Ryan to sling a few balls and the Falcons' defensive front seven to bull rush Josh Freeman like he was made of red felt. On the flip side of the coin, expect the Bucs to dose the Falcons with Josh Freeman to Mike Williams, an aggressive secondary and the world's most brilliant team effort. Oh noes!

Details are after the jump. This is your all-purpose discussion thread for the game.

Who? Atlanta Falcons vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 1 p.m. EST

Where? Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia

Weather? Who cares?

Injuries? Ovie Mughelli is a game-time decision, Sean Weatherspoon is too, and Justin Peelle is definitely out. Everyone else should be good to go, barring a major surprise.

Foe? You know they'll be talkin' game at Bucs Nation. Politely visit.

GO FALCONS! Let's plunder these Buccaneers!