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Saturday Six Pack: Beating the Bucs and Kashberry's Awesome Image Edition 11/6/10

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Behold, the new Saturday Six Pack image!! Kudos to Kashberry, the fine reader who created this awesome image!
Behold, the new Saturday Six Pack image!! Kudos to Kashberry, the fine reader who created this awesome image!

Good morning, fellow Falcoholics. This week, I have debuted the fantastic new image made by Kashberry, one of the readers here on The Falcoholic. As you can see, the image is awesome.

You all must know the drill by now, so without further ado, let's get this Saturday Six Pack rockin'!

Pat Yasinskas: The ever-reliable Pat Yasinskas writes here about how this Sunday is more than just a battle for first place, it's a battle between two QBs who could be the faces of their franchises for years to come. I don't like the thought of that, because then it won't be easy. Heart attack games are never fun, unless you win.

DOL: Our other reliable man, D. Orlando Ledbetter, has provided us with some good reads this week. He mentions Ovie coming back to practice here. I feel like the link Dave gave us had him listed as DNP for today, but maybe I'm wrong. Anyway, DOL had a interesting article about Matt Ryan's limited success against TB here. He also had a nice little Q&A with RB Gartrell Johnson here. It's nice to see a young guy who's willing to work hard to hang around!

USA Today: Jim Corbett of the USA Today writes here that Roddy White is making a huge impact on this team while still remaining under the radar. The Dunta/Roddy exchange mentioned in the article was somewhat surprising, but I happen to find it really cool!

The Canadian Press: George Henry of The Canadian Press writes an article about how veteran linemen John Abraham and Jon Babineaux want more out of the other DTs here. They feel like they could be much better if they could get a guy to step up. The problem is, both Jerry and Peters may as well be rookies, but they've played well enough despite their youth to earn some praise for what they've done so far.

Bright House Sports Network: There's a nice little article written here about how the Bucs are preparing for the Falcons this week. I gotta say, if I were the Bucs, I'd be doing a little extra preparing for this week because we are gonna be bringing it.

Random Funny: I realize that laughing at someone else's expense is not a good thing, but the thing that really got me about this video is what her teammate says after she says, "What do we do now?" When you read the caption at the bottom of the screen, just imagine the Terminator drums sounding right after it. It's fantastic.