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Who Powered Through: Eric Weems And The Giant Return

You could almost see his eyes lighting up.

Eric Weems had an open path for perhaps the first time all season. He made some judicious cuts, the team opened up some holes for him, and he was on his way past the 50. Beyond that was the end zone, and Weems was heading there.

If you're Matt Wilhelm in that situation, you face a difficult choice. You can try to tackle this dynamo and likely fail, given his head of steam and the juke he's about to put on your Packer jersey-wearing self, or you can go for the penalty and get the stop. Wilhelm wisely chose the last one, grabbing ahold of Weems' helmet and twisting it, a move that put the Falcons on the 50 yard line.

It's a testament to Weems that he was able to put the Falcons in a position where he would've either scored, gotten most of the way down the field or draw a penalty that gives the team the ball at midfield. He powered through, and that's why we're recognizing him this week.