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What's The Deal With Falcons Receiver Harry Douglas?

The Harry Douglas train was rolling along with such gusto this off-season. It seems amazing that it's now upside down underwater.

On paper, the situation couldn't have been much better for Dougie. Michael Jenkins was hurt, Douglas had recuperated from an injury that cost him 2009 and there was talk of him seizing the starting job full-time. All HD had to do was play, and play well, and his future with the team was secure.

Except he didn't. Douglas dropped easy passes, utterly failing to become the reliable option for Matt Ryan that we had all hoped for. He's now back as the third receiver on a team that runs limited three-receiver sets, and it would take a hell of a run to lift him out of that. I still think the guy has loads of promise, but he has yet to deliver on it.

So what's the deal with Harry Douglas? Tell us in the comments.