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Saturday Six Pack: I Might Blow A Bunch of Money and Fly Down To See This Game Edition 11/27/10

Glorious Six Pack of Non-Existence....and Winning.
Glorious Six Pack of Non-Existence....and Winning.

Hey guys, I had a hurr hurr moment last night and decided it would be cool to launch my debate post at you at 10 pm instead of 10 am, so instead you get a Double Whammy from me in the same day! That's almost as good as that Triple Whammy I threw at you a couple weeks ago.

Anywho, tomorrow we play the Green Bay Packers, a formidable foe at 7-3, and the media once again feels like we may not be capable of beating a tough opponent. It's nice that we get to play them in the Dome. After what we've seen this season, I feel like we're never out of the game when we're at home.

With that said, let's get this Saturday Six Pack rockin'!

DOL: Our ever-reliable D. Orlando Ledbetter returns with several great articles about the upcoming game against the Packers. Here is an article about how the Falcons winning culture has left a "DNA footprint" for winning along the way. It's good stuff. Here is an article about how Tony Gonzalez helps the Falcons get ready for big games. His veteran experience has been vital to the team's success, I'd say. Lastly, here is a little Q&A with Aaron Rodgers. He mentions Thomas DeCoud in his Q&A because Rodgers and DeCoud were teammates at California. I had no idea about that until now. Pat Yasinskas has let me down for the second week in a row, so we're going to check out this article by Kenny J. Byrne. The article details Packers-Falcons as the game of the week, and he also incorrectly predicts the game as well! Lest we forget, Matty Ice did something against a Baltimore defense that hasn't been done in a while.

Chicago Tribune: Here is a nice little article about how the Green Bay defense may pose a problem to the Falcons. I must say, we handled the leading sackers (Rams) last week, so I'm not so sure we can't handle the leading sacker (Matthews). Just sayin'.

LA Times: Brent Grimes might as well be 4'11". This article details how you throw at Grimes at your own risk. This is a fantastic read. Not sure what else I can add here, except Grimes is deceivingly awesome. Just imagine if he was like 6 feet tall.

Green Bay Press Gazette: This article from Rob Demovsky over at talks about how the Packers need to play tough on D this week to contain the Falcons high-flying offense. I recommend you check out some of the other articles on their site. They have some good stuff up there.

Random Funny: This image is probably something that occurs on a weekly basis where I live up here in North Carolina. I'm only partially kidding.